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                              Chondroitin, Glucosamine & MSN

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At Ease

Equi-Cell Mare and Foal I and II
Select I and II Hylarx Imuno-Guard


Opti-Coat MSM


Wheat Germ Oil Nu-Flex Max

Nu-Image Guardian

Powergest Nu-Hoof Max


PowerFlex Power-Flex Pellets


Stress-Pak Vit-E-Sel
Omega Alpha    

Equine Cushings Formula

Bronchodilator Formula Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relieving Formula
  Effective for bleeders or horses with heaves Used to alleviate pains and body aches caused by inflammation

Equine Calming Formula

Probiotic & Digestive Tract Formula Performance & Recovery Product

Used to calm excitable horses, especially horses with pre-performance jitters

Used to change the bacteria flora in the large intestine helping to prevent colic Promotes speedy recovery after exercise

Energy and Endurance Formula

Performance & Recovery Product Testosterone Building Formula

Used to increase the strength and stamina of the animal to improve performance

Promotes speedy recovery after exercise Used to naturally increase the animals production of testosterone

Performance & Recovery Product

Recovery Formula Equine Ulcer Formula
Promotes formation of lean muscle mass A post-workout muscle builder and also as an aid for rehydration Used as an aid in the treatment of problems of the stomach

Equine 4-in-1 solution

Glocosamine Joint Formula Blood Formula

Is a blood builder, immune booster, liver and lung cleanser

Sore Joints Treating cases of low red blood cells counts

Equine Immune System Formula

Equine Cough Formula Equine Kidney Cleaning Formula
Enhances immune system function to combat pathogens Treats persistent dry coughs due to allergic reactions or colds Increases blood flow and and provides anti-oxident support to the kidneys

Equine Lung Cleansing Formula

Equine Liver Cleansing Formula Equine Mineral and Tie Up Formula
Increases blood flow to the lungs and acts as an expectoC Cleanses, promotes liver regeneration, and provides anti-oxidents to the liver tissue for support Ultimate source of essential minerals, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidents

Parasite Formula Formula

After Bath Lotion Hormone Balancer
Used as a general parasite cleaner After bath lotion with insect repellent properties Irritability and symptoms associated with monthly hormonal surges

Equine 3 Product Lung Formula

Muscle, Joint & Ligament Formula Equine Pulmanary Hemorrhage Formula
Convenient combination of our 3 lung formula products: Airways & Lung Flush & Herbacoff Used to prevent as well as aid recover from joint pain, muscle soreness and tie-up  
Natural Equine Linament Anti-oxident - Muscle Protector  
  Provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals for optimum protection  
MacIntosh Pro-Line    
Performance Respiratory Nutrition
B.C.A.A - Essential Amino Acids Airways 101 - Reduce respiratory problems Bee Pollen - Vitamin Supplement
Performance Calming Performance
Calcium Pyruvate - Energy Enhancer Compose - Stress reduction Creatine - Performance Supplement
Performance Nutrition Performance
DMG D Mac - Joint Supplement Drive - Creatine and DMG
Emergency Care Hydration Pain Relief
911 Emergency Paste Electro-Blend - Electrolytes Emu Wound and Scar Car
Fly Control Joint Health Hydration
Force Field - Spray Ester C - Vitamin C Supplement Freedom - Helps prevent Tying Up
Gut Health Nutrition Gut Health
Gut Aide - Reduce irritation Gain - Energy Supplement Gut Pak - Reduce irritation
Hoof Health Hoof Health Performance
Hoof Restore Cream - Apply to Cononet Band Hoof Restore - Hoof Health Supplement Inosine - Metabolic Activator
Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition
Jump Start - Foal Supplement Intensive Care G.I. Maximize - B-Vitamin Supplement
Joint Health Hydration Joint Health
MSN - Joint Supplement Mega Jug - Rehydration supplement MSM Soothing Gel - Easy to Apply Gel
Immune Fly Control Performance
Turbo Charge - Support Supplement Stalosan F - Powder Velocity - Maximize horse performance
Nutrition Nutrition  
Vitamin E Plus - Vitamin E Supplement Gluta Syn Max - Immune Supplement