Natural Horsemanship Line  

Pat Parelli's Journey from Zero to Hero - WH61

The Six Keys to a Natural Horse-Human Relationship - WH35

Lead with Safety Snaps (12' Long)  

1/2 " cord with leather popper on end   BWNHL12 

Working Line with eye ring and carabiner(22' Long)

1/2 " cord with leather popper on end   BWNHWL

Hackamore with Macate Rein - The Ultimate in Communication BWNHHMC

Macate Reins available separately - BWNHMC

Natural Horsemanship Halter - The Key to Natural Training (Average, Large, Yearling - Blue, Black, Green or Red)

Training Stick with String - 6' String

Orange Fiber Rod with Rubber Handle - New Lighter Weight, Non Flexing Rod

Training Stick with Flag

44" Training Stick with 18" x 20" flag.  Black Fibre Rod with Rubber Handle.  Super Tool for Desensitizing your horse.

BuckleBack Slobber Straps

A good heavy weight.  Changes easily from different bits while leaving macate reins attached.